Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Appearing now on "Books and Pals"

One of my favorite book review sites is "Books and Pals." Run by Big Al, the site has 1,500 Facebook fans and blog followers and has been a consistent source of good book recommendations for several years.

This week I was invited to post, and I chose to put a different spin on that old writer's rule-of-thumb "Write What You Know." I call my little essay "Write What You *Don't* Know." Here's a link to the guest post

While you're there, enter the Stone and Silt giveaway for Amazon gift certificates and an eye-catching totebag!

In other news, the book received it's fourth review on Amazon! Here are excerpts from the most recent reviews:

"The author presents some great imagery of the Fraser Canyon during the Gold Rush years as Nikaia's family travels to and from Fort Yale to Lytton. We also learn a lot about the First Nations people (or 'Native Indians' as the author refers in the book) and their rich customs.

'Stone & Silt' is a story for all ages that also leaves behind a great message of the importance and value of family. This story was written from the author's heart, and it shows."


"Hard to put down. This book has many interesting twists and turns I didn't expect. I had a hard time laying the book down at bedtime."

You can see all reviews here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EKNTGSA/?tag=kb1-20

And finally, we've named more honorary British Columbians on the Stone and Silt Facebook page, as people send in their photos of themselves with Stone and Silt. Our latest pix are from Texas and Louisiana. Thanks for sending the photos in - we love to get 'em!

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