Saturday, August 24, 2013

A chapter reading, a kind Goodreads review, and one square foot of British Columbia

Here's a recap on the latest happenings from the "Stone and Silt" blog tour!

Live Interview. The day started early with a live web-radio interview with WebbWeaver Books. I chatted with the friendly hosts for a few minutes, and they invited me to read a chapter from "Stone and Silt."

Rather than doing the usual first-chapter read, I selected a chapter in the mid-point of the book. It went pretty well, although I've concluded that, while my face may be made for radio, my voice surely is not.

Here's the interview:  

A kind review. My day was further brightened when I read a positive, 4-star review from Goodreads about the book.

Excerpt: "The main character is very well drawn and I want more books featuring her! I enjoyed the setting of 19th century British Columbia; the details of what life was like in that era really enhanced the storyline."

See the complete review here:

Just for fun, and with no authority whatsoever, I've decided to name some readers of Stone and Silt "honorary British Columbians."

After all, when you have the book, it's like having one square foot of British Columbia right in your family room.

So go to the book's Facebook page, and post a pic of yourself with the paperback or e-reader version of Stone and Silt. So far, we have some fine new honorary British Columbians from, er, British Columbia, as well as Virginia, Georgia, and Washington State. Welcome, and thank you for giving the book a read!