Friday, June 7, 2013

Touring the blogosphere with "Stone and Silt"

Well, Stone and Silt is now through line edit, and heading into the final stages of 'Proofread' and 'Formatting.' The book is on track for its August 19th release date.

And that means I'll shortly be moving into the Getting-the-Word-Out phase.

To help with that, my publisher is organizing a blog tour. The tour kicks off on August 21st, and will be a time where various blogs will post about the book.

Those posts can be:

  • Reviews. Bloggers receive an advance review copy (ARC) of the book in e-book form, and post a review about it. Many bloggers also post their reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Interviews. I'll be engaging in Q&A with various bloggers about the writing of the book, and other random topics.
  • Character Interviews. These are fun! They're interviews with my lead character, Nikaia. 
  • Guest Posts. Some bloggers have asked me to prepare posts, on a variety of subjects, for their blogs. 

Also, people who visit those blogs during the tour will have a chance to win from a variety of book-related prizes! You can see the various blogs and the dates their posts will appear on the "Stone" blog tour page.

If you have a blog and are interested in providing a review of the book, please send me an e-mail ( I can pass it on to my publisher and - no guarantees - but you might get an ARC to review for your blog and on Amazon.

The "Stone" blog tour page has a list of bloggers that have signed up so far. Thanks for your interest in Stone and Silt!

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