Monday, June 24, 2013


A "drabble" is a little piece of writing that is exactly 100 words long. A group of friends and I decided to each write a 100-word drabble with the title "Payback."

I found it quite a challenge to write something interesting with such a small word count. Here is my attempt. Below it I've put links to the drabbles from other writers. Check out how each writer had a completely different take on the subject of "Payback"..!

by Harvey Chute

Michael Ewan rarely touched anyone outside his family. That’s life in New York City. Close quarters – it doesn’t bring people together. It drives them apart.

His was an orderly life. His one bold moment? Falling for Ling. Marrying her, despite the looks. He agreed to hyphenate their names, but never did. Ewan-Mi? Nope.

His one good eye was submerged. Through the ripples, he saw glances of horror, then cold indifference.

He tried to pull up, but spasmed. Sank back into the puddle. Water entered his nostrils. People scurried away, each as focused on their life as he was with his.

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  1. So many people dying in drabble tonight :)Nicely done, Harvey.

  2. I love this one. It haunts me a bit.